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The latest innovation from Fat Baggers is this impressive Bolt-On drop seat conversion for ’09-13 touring models which drops the stock seat frame rails by 3” without sacrificing clearance or suspension of your bike! Since the ’09-later models are bolted together beneath the seat at four frame points, you simply remove all outer components, unbolt the factor rear/upper chassis section, bolt on the new Patented #8,616,324 FBI replacement sub-frame then re-mount your stock fender, bag mounting brackets, bags, etc.

Requires a seat, and a set of side covers to complete the project.

NOTE: Bikes with ABS brakes and/or saddlebag rail guards require additional components.

Available standard or narrow seat cover options, two drop seat configurations are available as follows: • Standard Drop Seat Kit: The original Standard Drop Seat installation is recommended for riders approximately 5’7” and over who either want to sit more flat-footed on their bike or, for taller riders, to actually sit down into the bike more. • Narrow Drop Seat Kit: The Narrow Drop Seat installation is for riders that are approximately 5’6” and under who need to sit closer to the ground for better footing and control of their bike. For the Narrow set-up, the side panels are pulled back from the tank while the seat bumps the rider forward 2” and is tapered more to allow the rider’s legs to go more directly to the ground for optimal reach. NOTE: Heavier riders with a short inseam may NOT find the Narrow Drop Seat configuration to work best for them. While the Narrow kit allows the best reach to the ground for those with short inseam, it also has a 2” smaller rider’s bucket in the seat. These riders may find it better to go with the Standard Drop Seat Kit and a bump-forward seat—keep in mind the handlebars can be adjusted back as well. Bikes with ABS brakes and/or saddlebag rail guards require additional components.

Drop Seat Kit Ordering Steps: 1. Start with the Drop Seat Frame Kit. 2. Select your choice of side covers: standard or narrow, unpainted or painted to match OE standard, pinstriped 3. Select your choice of seats to accompany chosen standard or narrow side covers. 4. Select ABS manifold and/or rail guard caps as required.